The Yeti Hunters were the mercenaries who worked for Ngan Pa. Their name comes from their original role- hunting Yeti for profit- but they serve as hired soldiers as well.



Ngan Pa was already an infamous Yeti hunter and mercenary when he decided to expand his operation. He had heard that a Western competitor, Mr. Cunningham, had set up a company of Big Game Hunters. Refusing to be outdone, Ngan Pa contacted fellow criminals operating in the Himalayas and hired them, forming this organization.

They immediately began a variety of operations. Yeti Hunters went on freelance missions occasionally, but for the most part they worked as a unit (or as several units). Yeti hunting continued in the mountains, and Ngan Pa began offering a company of the Hunters to various nation-states in Asia. The Empire of Xi'an hired his men occasionally, as did various kingdoms in India. The Yeti Hunters grew to becom infamous in the Orient, and few dared to cross them- men like Xeng Li who did were extremely rare. However, they were virtually unknown outside of Asia.

Freelance assignments included when a Yeti Hunter went after a valuable gem stolen by Jason Parker. The gem could be used to buy a lot of weapons and supplies for the Hunters, but the Lords of Gold agent was able to get the gem to Sinister.

Villains' AllianceEdit

The Yeti Hunters were not included in the Villains' Alliance when it was first established, mainly because Sam Sinister didn't see a role for them- he already had a mercenary group, the Big Game Hunters, and risked alienating Cunningham if he invited Cunnigham's rival. However, when Xeng Li told Sinister of the Yeti Hunters' reputation and capabilities, Sinister decided it was worth the risk. He sent Xeng to the Himalayas to hire a company of Yeti Hunters for the National Museum raid. Should the raid be a success, a formal membership offer would be extended.

The raid was very much a succes, and the Yeti Hunters were a major factor in that success. Sinister then offered Ngan Pa (who had been present for the raid) membership in the Alliance. Ngan Pa accepted, and the Yeti Hunters became one of its members.

They are one of two organizations that provide the bulk of the Alliance's "combat troops"; the other being their rivals, the Big Game Hunters. On missions to China, Greece, Egypt, the Amazon, and Dino Island, they played a major role.

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  • While Ngan Pa is an official LEGO villain, this organization for his Henchmen is not and was invented by TakunuvaC01 for the Johnny Thunder RPG.