Xi'an is a coastal city in China ruled by the Evil Emperor Chang Wu. It is the center of his empire, titled the "Empire of Xi'an".


Beginning of the EmpireEdit

Xi'an was a relatively major but not unusual city in China until Chang Wu seized it. Once he was in control, he drafted an army from the population and used it to conquer neighboring cities. Soon, Chang Wu's territories expanded until he controlled almost all of China. Xi'an became a rich and powerful city, however his soldiers used brutal methods to maintain order, and draconian rule was established.

Chang Wu also used the docks of Xi'an to build up a fleet of ships. The Imperial Navy was the beginning of Chang Wu's dream to extend his emprie beyond China. This dream was never realized.


Due to Chang Wu's harsh policies, rebellion and dissent slowly arose. Rebels, like Jing Lee and her father, plotted the downfall of the Empire. While this dissident movement was weak, it was able to assist Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, and Charles Kilroy when they infiltrated Chang Wu's palace to steal the Golden Dragon. Later, a rebel cell helped Jason Parker and a team of Sam Sinister's agents infiltrate the ancient ship Obelisk.

One of the tasks assigned to then-Captain Xeng Li was weakening the rebellion. He was able to take out several cells in the course of his assignment.


When a war began between the Empire of Xi'an and LEGOLAND breaks out, Chang Wu reinforces his capital with all of his soldiers. However, after weeks of heavy fighting, the LEGOLAND military broke through and seized the city. Chang Wu and his army fled. This defeat broke the back of the Empire's forces.


  • Very little backstory was given to Xi'an by LEGO; as a result, many facts in this article were invented for the RPG by TakunuvaC01
  • The Xi'an-LEGOLAND war references parts of World War II- specifically, the War in the Pacific- in a couple ways:
    • A sneak attack on a LEGOLAND city causes the war (where the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor caused America to attack Japan)
    • The name of the Xi'an empire is "Empire of Xi'an", where Japan was titled the "Empire of Japan".