Senor Palomar

Señor Palomar (also spellable Senor Palomar) is a Spanish private collector and like Sam Sinister, one of the main villains. He operates primarily in the Amazon


The SundiskEdit

Palomar first met Johnny Thunder when he travelled to the Amazon. He and his henchman, Max Villano planned to steal the Sundisk protected by Achu but were foiled by Johnny Thunder.

Palomar and his henchmen managed to find a temple where the Sundisk was supposedly hidden (in reality it was home to one of the false sundisks hidden by Achu), and when he found Achu guarding, attacked the tribal leader. Johnny Thunder came to the rescue and captured Palomar and his men. Palomar eventually escaped, swearing revenge against Johnny Thunder.

Raid on the MuseumEdit

Palomar became a well known villain after the Amazon quest, and he did occasionally encounter the Adventurers, his next major encounter with them took place several years after the quest for the sundisk

A plane containing Laura Craft, David Norman, Roy Bishop, and two others was shot down, Rudo Villano eventually found them and after a brief attempt to uncover any of their artifacts, Laura revealed that Sam Sinister had formed an alliance (one which Palomar had refused to join), and successfully raided the museum. Palomar was inspired to track down Sam Sinister and recover the treasure for himself.

Palamar considered a few plans before finally taking action, apparently he considered forming the "neo-villains alliance". His chosen course of action was to travel to Hidden Dino Island, with the help of Gabarros (although unknown to Palomar, Gabarros was secretly helping Laura Craft, Dr. David Norman, and Roy Bishop). After arriving on the island, Palomar set up camp and proceeded with a very unusual scheme. He planned to seduce Alexis Sinister.


Senor Palomar is a greedy, selfish and cruel man. He will let nothing stand in the way of his goals and will stop at nothing to get what he wants


  • Palomar is one of the few characters in the Adventurers line who was not refered to by more than one name over the course of the theme.