Maharaja Lallu

Maharaja Lallu is a tyrant who rules a region of India. He is one of the three main villains operating in The Orient.


The SunstoneEdit

Maharaja Lallu wanted to obtain the legendary Sunstone. When Sam Sinister arrived, he gratefully accepted Sinister's offer of alliance. Together, they attempted to discover it's location from the villager Babloo. At that moment, Johnny Thunder arrived with Pippin Reed and Dr. Kilroy. Johnny Thunder rescued Babloo and together the Adventurers and native headed away on Babloo's elephant, Giri.

Sam Sinister followed the Adventurers and Babloo in his car. However, the Adventurers were able to stop him when Giri threw a tree in Sinister's way. Sam Sinister crashed his car, and was forced to stop his pursuit. Lallu, tired of Sinister's failures, sent a group of his henchmen to pick him up and bring him back to the Scorpion Palace. Lallu then discovered that Sinister had allowed the Sunstone to fall into Sam Sinister's hands. He terminated his alliance and sent Sinister away.

Golden ForestEdit

Villains' AllianceEdit