The Lords of Gold are agents of Sam Sinister and carry out his evil plans.



Sam Sinister always had Henchmen. But it was not until his defeat in Xi'an by Johnny Thunder (when Emperor Chang Wu abandoned their alliance) that he began to form a major organization. Sinister began hiring thieves, mercenaries, spies, corrupt merchants, and anyone else who would be willing to work for him. He titled this organization "the Lords of Gold", as a reference to how successful it would become.

They quickly became one of the more successful villain organizations, mainly due to Sam Sinister's leadership. While in major quests, such as the Golden Forest and Atlantis quests, they never came out on top, they always managed to get something (such as an Atlantean diamond or a handful of golden trees). Their agents excelled in smaller quests, and were able to enrich Sam Sinister's Private Collection.

Villains' AllianceEdit

When the Villains' Alliance was formed, the Lords of Gold became one of the member organizations (since, after all, Sam Sinister was its leader). However, despite this, they haven't taken a major role in any of the main Alliance operations so far. Their agents captured pilot Roy Bishop and infiltrated the National Museum, but the actual attack was done by the Big Game Hunters, Yeti Hunters, and the ships of the Oriental Pirate Fleet. Some of their members joined the search for the alien artifact in China, but they did not make up a majority of that team either.

The bulk of their members are believed to be working on a secret operation to further Sinister's Evil Plan. The rest of the Villains' Alliance appears unaware of this as well, and it could lead to conflict between the Alliance's members.

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  • While Sam Sinister is an official LEGO villain, this organization for his Henchmen is not and was invented by TakunuvaC01 for the Johnny Thunder RPG.