This is a complete list of Villains and Henchmen, active and inactive.

Sam SinisterEdit

Sam Sinister is the leader of the Adventurers Villains, and arch-nemesis of Johnny Thunder. He leads a criminal organization called the Lords of Gold.

Cyprian CalavertEdit

A thief with a mysterious past. He once used the alias "Guy Fawkes" when operating in England, but now works for Sam Sinister.

Draco HammondEdit

Dr. Draco "Drake" Hammond advises the Lords of Gold on world politics. Unfortunately, they rarely listen to him.

Johann KohtEdit

Major Johann Koht was dishonorably discharged from the army, became a pirate, and finally joined Sinister to try and capture Patrick Chancer, his nemesis.

Jason ParkerEdit

Jason Parker is a thief who joined Sinister's organization in the hope of a greater payout.

Professor E. VileEdit

A former art critic who, after fleeing his homeland of France when it was discovered he stole paintings he admired, works for Sam Sinister

Senor PalomarEdit

Senor Palomar is the senior villain operating in the Amazon region.

Mike AlkaEdit

A thief who tried to steal from Senor Palomar's hoard of treasure, Palomar hired him because he had actually gotten into the treasure room.

Rudo Villano

Mr. CunninghamEdit

Ngan PaEdit

Emperor Chang WuEdit

Emperor Chang Wu is the tyrannical ruler of the city of Xi'an and much of China in The Orient. His army and naval forces comprise his Henchmen.

Maharaja LalluEdit

Xeng LiEdit

Admiral Xeng Li used to serve Emperor Wu Chang as a captain in his fleet. However, after capturing the Indian Rubies, he struck out on his own, taking command of a pirate fleet.