This is a complete list of Adventurers, both active and inactive.

Senior AdventurersEdit

Senior Adventurers are Adventurers who were created by LEGO, not by BZP members. They outrank all other Adventurers, having been in the organization the longest.

Johnny ThunderEdit

Johnny Thunder is the founder of the Adventurers

Pippin ReedEdit

Pippin Reed is one of the founding members of the adventurers and a close friend of Johnny Thunder

Dr. KilroyEdit

Charles Kilroy is one of the oldest adventurers as well as one of the founding members

Harry CaneEdit

Harry Cane is a pilot and old friend of the adventurers,

High AdventurersEdit

High Adventurers are Adventurers who are allowed to go to operate in any region they choose.

Laura CraftEdit

Laura Craft is a skilled archaeologist who has been an Adventurer for a long time.

David NormanEdit

Dr. David Norman is a scientist who joined the Adventurers to study the Dinos on Dino Island.

Tom KakirEdit

Tom Kakir is a former native of the Amazonian region, and even though he is a High Adventurer, stays mainly in that area.

Normal AdventurersEdit

Most Adventurers operate mainly in one specific region. They make up most of the Adventurers organization.

Roy BishopEdit

Roy Bishop is a skilled pilot who was captured by Sam Sinister's henchmen and tortured for information on the National Museum, but freed by Laura Craft.

Patrick ChancerEdit

Commander Patrick Chancer is a naval officer who joined the Adventurers to help fight the villains competing with the Adventurers.


John "Digger" Smith was an archeologist who often worked in Egypt, he is currently inactive

Fergus FlanneryEdit

An elderly Irish sailor who often worked in the Orient, he is currently inactive


A skilled archeologist, he is currently inactive

Friel LannEdit

A scientist who worked at Dino Island, he is currently inactive

Andrew OlinEdit

A paleontologist and former big game hunter, he is currently inactive

Kiba NaraEdit

A Japanese archeologist who played a small part in the Atlantean quest, during which he dissapeared

Hank O'NeilEdit

Hank O'Neil is a cartographer who is trying to map the Amazonian river system and rain forest.

Ken OrkoaEdit

An archeologist who worked in the Amazon, he is currently inactive

Henry TempleyEdit

Dr. Henry Templey is an arceologist and Laura Craft's assistant

Scott WaveEdit

A skilled mechanic and archeologist. He is currently inactive

Indiana WickwickyEdit

Indiana Wickwicky is a professor who studies history.

Daniel WilsonEdit

A skilled archeologist, he is currently inactive

William W. WrightsonEdit

An enthusiastic but cautious sailor and pilot, he is currently inactive

Dr. WildEdit

Dr. Wild is a scientist and David Norman's lab assistant

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