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References to Other RPGsEdit

These are references that were made to other RPGs in the LEGO General Discsusion forum on

Dino Attack RPGEdit

High Adventurer Laura Craft, when exploring the raided museum, commented on the missing Dinos exhibit. She said "I hope someone manages to return them, I mean who knows what could happen if they get out, maybe they'll be captured by some crazy scientist who will mutate them and lead a crazy war that will result in most of us being brought to antarctica".

This is a reference to the Dino Attack RPG, the oldest RPG in the LGD forum, where the evil Dr. Rex captures and mutates dinosaurs into an army of Mutant Dinos.

Drill SergeantEdit

Laura and fellow High Adventurer David Norman once encountered a LEGOLAND army officer who, upon seeing them, shouted "ALRIGHT YOU MAGGOTS, START WALKING UP AND DOWN THE SQUARE!" This is a reference to a running gag in a few other RPGs, most notably the Alpha Team: Ogel's Last Stand RPG, where characters of Atton Rand and Imperial Officer (controllers of Laura and David respectively) often encountered Drill Sergeants obsessed with forcing people to "march up and down the square".

The joke actually originated from a popular scene in Atton Rand's brickfilm 2001: A Space Oddity, while their habit of making people "march up and down the square" was inspired by a Monty Python Sketch