Johnny Thunder, rifle in hand

Johnny Thunder is an Australian archaeologist and one of the three founding members of the Adventurers organization, along with Dr. Charles Kilroy and Pippin Reed.


Early LifeEdit

Johnny Thunder's father was a great archeologist. Before he died, Kilroy promised to look after Johnny. Since then Kilroy has looked after Johnny Thunder.


Kilroy decided to take Johnny Thunder to Egypt. During this time they met Pippin Reed, a reporter for World Magazine who was looking for a good story. They also soon after met Harry Cane, a pilot who was willing to help Johnny and his friends in any way possible.

It was also here that Johnny Thunder had his first battle with Sam Sinister. He and his henchman Slyboots were often trying to steal artifacts for his private collection. Thunder and Kilroy however were eventually able to stop Sam and brought many treasures the the National Museum.


Johnny, Kilroy, Pippin, and Harry would once again work together in the Amazon in search of the Sundisk. Along with their friend Gabarros, the group made several failed attempts at recovering it. First the group arrived at a large pyramid, only to be driven off by the unexpected growth of a large spider. They attempted to fly in Harry's brand new Expedition Balloon, but had to leave after it was mysteriously punctured. Finally, Johnny managed to retrieve the sundisk from a temple, but the rope bridge snapped and Johnny Thunder had to drop the sundisk in order to escape.

Eventually, the group, after being led to a mysterious riverside cave by the sound of a gunshot, found a mysterious tribal leader being attacked by Senor Palomar and his henchman Rudo Villano. After stopping and capturing the two, Johnny Thunder learned that the Tribal leader was Achu, who had been assigned to protect the sundisk. All along it was his magic that was keeping the adventurers from taking the sundisk.However they were able to eventually earn Achu's respect and take the real sundisk back to the museum.

Shortly after the expedition, Johnny got his pilot liscense,

Dino IslandEdit

Orient ExpeditionEdit