Johann Koht
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Major, Commander (Formerly)
Gender Male
Race Minifig
Faction Lords of Gold
Health Normal
Level Henchman
Status Alive
Location Egypt

Johann "The Drifter" Koht is a vengeful henchman known for switching factions often.


Originally a Major in the German army, he was dishonorably discharged for "conduct unbecoming of an officer". Still in search of a fight, Koht joined a crew of modernized pirates, with the rank of commander. His crew eventually attempted to capture a LEGOLAND naval ship, but were overthrown and defeated when a Lt. Commander named Patrick Chancer rescued his crew. In the fight between the pirates and the sailors, all of the pirates but Koht were killed trying to overtake the naval vessel again.

For the next few years, Koht hunted down the naval ship's crew, switching sides at any time if it would mean getting closer to his goal. He succeeded so far, but he still had one more target: Full Commander Patrick Chancer. He was sent by his current faction, the Lords of Gold, to Hidden Dino Island, where Commander Chancer was based. Through all the fights they had during that time, Commander Chancer was always able to evade Koht, since the Major wanted to have Chancer see his killer face-to-face.

When Chancer left Dino Island to contact High Adventurer Tom Kakir after the raid on the National Museum, Koht requested assignment to the Amazon jungle. He was placed as a guard aboard a ship transporting treasure to Senor Palomar. While sailing down the Amazon river, several explosions caused the captain of the boat to order Koht to carry the treasure to shore. As several other henchman fought some natives on the shore, Koht fought Commander Chancer, who already took down the other henchman. After a brief struggle, Koht pinned Chancer down, and explained to the Commander why he was going to kill him. However, the natives rescued Chancer and captured Koht, robbing him of revenge for a bit longer.

Koht has since escaped from his captors, and is on his way to Egypt in pursuit of Chancer once more.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Koht lives for one purpose: to kill Patrick Chancer. All he does is focused around that goal, and he has the skills to do it as well. He is an expert marksman, and his fighting skills are not matched by any Adventurer. His main weakness is that he is so focused on killing Chancer that he can easily be taken down if he is around Commander Chancer.