Henry Templey

Dr. Henry Templey is an archeologist and friend of Johnny Thunder. He is Laura Craft's assistant and researcher


Raid in the MuseumEdit

Dr. Templey was unlucky enough to be in the National Museum when it was raided. He managed to telephone Laura and report to her that the henchmen had attacked the museum, however he was unexpectedly knocked out when a villain struck him over the head with a vase.

A badly bruised Templey would later be found in the museum by Laura and Dr. David Norman. David had to briefly take care of his wounds, while she searched one of the exhibits. She returned with Roy Bishop, a young pilot that she had found. Bishop would look after Templey while David and Laura examined some other exhibits. After he began to somewhat recover, he helped Laura to explore the Orient exhibit.


Templey would later travel to China to assist Laura in exploring the newly-available ruins. After the first expedition, the group decided to split up and explore several areas individually. Templey accompanied Laura to the Great Wall of China, where they found a number of old swords. They also found a secret passageway and uncovered a jewel.

Templey and Jack Hawkins remained behind while Laura, David, and Roy were odered to a military base, during which time they examined the swords recovered, although this was abrubtly inturupted when the LEGOland Military Police arrived searching for an AWOL


  • Templey first appeared in Atton Rand's Brickfilm Indiana Jones and the Yellow Submarine, however due to Lego timeline debates, combined with the fact that liscensed themes are not normally included in Lego RPGs, it is debatable whether the events depicted in the film can be considered cannon in the RPG, thus these events are not included in his biography