Gabarros is a South American sailor who has worked with both Johnny Thunder and Senor Palomar.


The SundiskEdit

Palomar's Search for Sam SinisterEdit

After Palomar became inspired to steal from Sam Sinister's collection, Gabarros was hired to get him a boat to Hidden Dino Island. However at the same time, a he decided to help Laura Craft, David Norman, Roy Bishop, and two others, who were stranded after their plane had been shot down. Gabarros decided to help them by sneaking them into the boat's cargo hold. After getting Palomar to Dino Island and dropping him off, he brought the group of adventurers to another area of the island in order so they could get to the Adventurers headquarters without running into Palomra.


Gabarros is neutral. He's not actually good or evil, but has worked with both Adventurers and Villains, usually based around various factors, such as who has the better deal. He has also been known to work with both the Adventurers and the Villains at the same time.


  • Gabarros is one of the few characters, along with Senor Palomar, in the original adventurers line who was not refered to by more than one name
  • Gabarros is the only character in the Adventurers' line not officially sided with the Adventurers or villains