Dr. Wild is a scientist who works with David Norman.


Civillian ScientistEdit

Dr. Wild first met David, a fellow scientist with experience in the fields of chemistry shortly after the First World War. The two began experimenting together. Eventually, Dr. Wild moved to Egypt so he could study the Pyramids.


One day in Egypt, Dr. Wild was un-lucky enough to be found by some henchmen who were tracking down David and Zyra. He was tied up in a plane. However, this was the plane the David and Zyra were on. The two of them freed Dr. Wild, who then joined the adventurers.

Raid on the MuseumEdit

After the raid on the museum, Dr. Wild arrived hoping to find any lost or broken artifacts. During this time he met unexpectedly with David and Laura Craft, both of whom were exploring the raided museum. they had just recovered Laura's researcher Dr. Templey, and Roy Bishop. Wild helped the group to explore the raided museum.

Dr. Wild and Templey returned to Dino Island while Laura, David, and Roy travelled to Egypt.


Dr. Wild is usually friendly, although is is often irritated by ignorance. He enjoys his experiments experiments.


  • Imperial Officer did not initially intend to make Dr. Wild a prominent character. He was initially introduced simply to act as an assistant to David (his introduction was partly inspired by Atton Rand's introduction of Dr. Templey). However Imperial Officer later changed his mind and decided to make Dr. Wild a recurring character