Cooper is an Adventurer archaeologist. He is based in the Egyptian Desert.



After studying archaeology, Cooper traveled to Egypt and gathered a team of other archaeologists and began working there. However, he found little of interest. After that, he decided to go to China. After travelling through the Chinese countryside Cooper came upon an ancient Chinese fortress where he discovered documents concerning an indestructible metal called Gods' Alloy. He left and decided to search for it.

Travelling north. He saw a convoy led by Sam Sinister and followed him. He lost track, but then came upon a battle between the LEGOland military and Chinese mercenaries. He went down into the battle and joined the fight on the side of the LEGOland army. After the brief battle, he learned there were more pieces to a machine made of Gods' Alloy. He then decided to go to Egypt to look for a piece.

God's AlloyEdit

He found the piece in an ancient pyramid. A sniper tried to stop Cooper from taking the piece, but he was neutralized. Cooper escorted the artifact to Dino Island. It was stolen and taken to a hidden base. There, Cooper recovered the artifact and rescued fellow archaeologist Roger.

To be continued...