Alexis Sinister is Sam Sinister's sister who often helps him in his schemes.

Alexis Sanister


Dino IslandEdit

Alexis travelled to Hidden Dino Island hoping to help her brother Sam Sinister to capture the dinosaurs to make a profit. She worked alongside Sam and Mr. Cunningham. The three proved to be a threat to the Adventurers, but they were foiled. Nonetheless, Alexis still operates on Dino Island

Seduction by PalomarEdit

When Señor Palomar, inspired by the recent success of the Villains' Alliance, travelled to Dino Island intent on stealing from Sam Sinister's private collection, he began to seduce Alexis into revealing the location of the treasure vault. Alexis led Palomar (and unknowingly Dr. David Norman) to the treasure vault.


  • Alexis Sinister is currently the only female villain, both in the official Adventurers line and the RPG
  • She is one of the few characters who have not been known by several different names
  • How Alexis Sinister is related to Sam Sinister is subject to debate. Some sources have refered to her as his wife, while others say she's his sister. As the majority of sources indicate the latter, it has been accepted that she is his sister in the RPG