The Adventurers often face thieves from around the planet typically known as Villains. They are divided in to several different factions, each with a different leader.

Criminal GroupsEdit

Lords of GoldEdit

A group of thieves led by Lord Sam Sinister who are after any treasure they can. The other top-ranking villain of this group is Alexis Sinister, Lord Sinister's sister.


Led by Senor Palomar, these raiders and thieves hunt for treasure in the Amazon, but are often thwarted by High Adventurer Tom Kakir and the natives of the jungle.

Oriental Pirate FleetEdit

A miniature navy of renegades led by former Xi'an Captain Xeng Li. He primarily focuses his efforts on the waters of Asia, but obviously has bigger plans, as evidenced by his part in the raid of the National Museum.

Kingdoms and EmpiresEdit

Empire of Xi'anEdit

A wicked oriental empire in China, ruled by Emperor Chang Wu. In addition to conquering land, they are also after the treasures of China, left behind by the Mongols, Marco Polo, and the ancient dynasties of China.

Indian KingdomEdit

Ruled by the brutish Maharaja Lallu, this tyrannical kingdom keeps firm control over the villages of India. Unlike other Villain factions, they do not need to hunt for treasure, as they have already captured it from the villages.

Big Game HuntersEdit

Cunningham's HuntersEdit

A band of poachers who are after basically every mythical or illegal big game there is. They are always in need of money, however, and often work with Lord Sinister. They are led by Mr. Cunningham.

Yeti HuntersEdit

Led by Ngan Pa, these hunters are the most successful in hunting the once-mythical beast of the Himalayas, the Yeti. Although they are primarily after the Yetis, they also attempt to control the mountain range.

Villains' AllianceEdit

Formed by the Lords of Gold, the Oriental Pirate Fleet, Cunningham's Hunters, and the Yeti Hunters. They are led by Lord Sinister, and are most well known for their recent raid on the National Museum. Their other plans are unknown by any outsiders.

So far, the Empire of Xi'an and the Indian Kingdom have declined to join the alliance for unknown reasons. The Neo-Conquistadors refuse to join due to Senor Palomar's rivalry with Sam Sinister.