The Adventurers are an organization that searches for ancient, lost treasures and artifacts.


The Adventurers were founded by Johnny Thunder. Originally, there were only a handful of Adventurers, and they all worked directly with Thunder, going out on quests to find treasures before villains did. The purpose of the organization was to stop the increasing trend of "grave robber" villains like Sam Sinister from stealing historical artifacts. They fought a wide variety of villains to secure treasures, which were then brought to the National Museum.

Over time, the Adventurers grew in number. As they grew in number, the organization's structure changed. Adventurers were permanently assigned to one specific region on the LEGO Planet, at least until they became promoted. The main regions of Adventurer operation are the Amazon, Egypt, The Orient, and Hidden Dino Island, where their main base is now located.

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