is a tribal leader from the Amazon.

Biography Edit

At an unknown time, Achu was assigned with the task of keeping the Sun Disc safe from any treasure robbers. To do such a task, he learned the secrets of magic. For many years, he remained its protector, and hid false Sun Discs throughout the jungle. Achu first encountered the Adventurers near an overgrown pyramid temple, where he had hidden one of the false Sun Discs. He used a light beam to start a large spider, presumably enlarged by his own powers, on its hunt to keep the Adventurers away. The Adventurers tried to get at the Sun Disc with their Expedition Balloon, but Achu punctured the zeppelin with a magical blast, forcing the Adventurers to leave.

Achu met the Adventurers again at the Amazon Ancient Ruins. Johnny Thunder successfully entered the ruins and retrieved the one true Sun Disc. However, when he tried to cross an old bridge leading away from the temple, Achu made the bridge snap, nearly dropping Johnny Thunder to his death. Johnny Thunder escaped, but he was forced to drop the Sun Disc in order to do so. Achu retrieved the disc and returned it to the temple.

Later, while guarding a small riverside cave, home to another false Sun Disc (in hoping to fool the Adventurers), Achu was attacked by Señor Palomar and Rudo Villano. Luckily, Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, and Gabarros heard one of the villains firing a pistol, and investigated. They captured the villains and freed Achu. Since then, Achu has shown respect for Johnny Thunder, and eventually allowed him to take the real Sun Disc back to the museum.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

In order to fully protect the Sun Disc, Achu learned how to do magic. The full extent of his abilities is unknown, but he has been known to enlarge spiders, puncture even the Expedition Balloon with a blast of magic, make light, and create portals.

Achu is a fully devoted protector to the Sun Disc. It did not matter if the intruder was good like Johnny Thunder or evil like Señor Palomar; he would do anything to keep the Sun Disc safe. He is also clever, having hidden false Sun Discs of less value around the Amazon jungle.